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Did you know...

  • Retail sales of fresh breads, buns, and rolls in the U.S. total more than $17 billion annually.
  • In 2003, U. S. sandwich sales were estimated at $105 billion.
  • ham sandwich mealAmericans eat 45 billion sandwiches every year, according to Sloan Trends & Solutions, Inc. The all-time favorite sandwich is ham.
  • According to the Great Food Almanac, the average American student will have consumed approximately 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches upon graduation from high school.
  • Peanut butter was first paired with jelly in a sandwich in the 1920s.
  • Sandwiches can be nutrition powerhouses. Because bread is made up of primarily complex carbohydrates and very little fat, it provides lots of energy for fewer calories than fatty foods.
  • USDA logoThe U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends Americans eat 6 ounces of grain-based foods everyday and that at least 3 ounces be whole grain.
  • Bread is a great source of energy because it is rich in complex carbohydrates.
  • The soluble fiber in bread can help lower blood cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

What people have been saying about bread...

  • Bread and water—these are the things nature requires. For such things no man is too poor, and whosoever can limit his desire to them alone can rival Jupiter for happiness.
    Seneca, Roman playwright and philosopher (c 4 BC-65 AD)
  • We have learned to see in bread an instrument of community between men—the flavour of bread shared has no equal.
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French pilot and poet (1900-1940)
  • “A loaf of bread,” the Walrus said, “is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides are very good indeed.”
    From “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll, English writer and mathematician (1832-1898)
  • Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.
    James Beard, American chef (1903-1985)
  • Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king. The countries are the soup, the meat, the vegetables, the salad, but bread is king.
    Louis Bromfield, American novelist (1896-1956)
  • There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them
    except in the form of bread.
    Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
  • If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.
    Robert Browning, English poet, (1812-1889)
  • Honest bread is very well—it's the butter that makes the temptation.
    Douglas Jerrold, English playwright and critic (1803-1857)
  • Without bread all is misery.
    William Cobbett, British journalist (1763?-1835)
  • Bread deals with living things, with giving life, with growth, with the seed, the grain that nurtures. It's not coincidence that we say bread is the staff of life.
    Lionel Poilâne, French baker (1945-2002)
  • Bread is like dresses, hats and shoes—in other words, essential!
    Emily Post, etiquette maven, newspaper columnist (1872-1960)
  • Acorns were good till bread was found.
    Francis Bacon, English philosopher, statesman (1561-1626)
  • Bread, milk and butter are of venerable antiquity. They taste of the morning of the world.
    From “The Seer” by Leigh Hunt, English essayist and poet (1784-1859)
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